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Jan 14, 2007



New York is not the only place that holds the mistery as to why people buy bottled water when tap water is more than just drinkable...that trend is slowly expanding all over Europe..I mean my country has 5% of worlds drinkable water supplies..and yet even here people are turning to bottled water..why..well maybe cause they are afraid the water is to hard..and they figure the bottled one isn't.

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The World-Herald once came close to losing its independent status.
In 1962 the paper was about to be sold to the Newhouse chain. Then
Omaha construction contractor Peter Kiewit stepped in, as a company
brochure says, "literally at the 11th hour."

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People think that the water kept in more
hygienic and bacteria free. and up to certain
limit it is also true So they try to avoid
tap water. Thanks for sharing this information
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When implementing process or information system changes, slow and steady doesn't necessarily win the race. You have the need for speed.

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Green policies are difficult!!!

They face some big oil companies that contaminate, countries dedicated to industrial areas that go against any effort to clean and protect Earth!!
It is impossible to plan any anvironmentan world wide effort without China or US participation, 2 of the more pollutants countries in the world and the ones with no national programs or international commitments to do anything!!

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They should do something to make some kind of program to finish with that because that can contamine so much more and be careful on the way they dispose the plastic so it dont end up being a worst outcome.

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They should do something to make some kind of program to finish with that because that can contamine so much more and be careful on the way they dispose the plastic so it dont end up being a worst outcome.

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