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Jun 19, 2007


Wendee Holtcamp

Wow you don't necessarily need to attack the person to disagree with the ideas. I do not think I'm not any sort of a hero to go for a month without buying, nor did I ever claim to be nor think of a month as any great huge sacrifice. The article was more to raise awareness of issues, and to analyze the impact OF the Compact on the economy and the environment (hence to interview the economists and review the model from the Brower and Leon book) rather than assume at face value The Compact was necessarily a "good" option for either. It's not a black and white answer. I did not plan to do the Compact at all, just write about it, but my editor thought I should try it for a month. Hence that is why I did it for a month. I'm a pretty green person overall already but the exercise definitely made me think about the big picture. It's not so easy to just go off the grid completely in a modern world for everyone. But we can try to reduce our impact bit by bit, and even that also sets an example for the people in our lives who may be less environmentally conscious than we are. But look at all this discussion - it's great! However one of my personal goals is that my writing will bring about more peacefulness and kindness in people not animosity. Peace is The Way...


You say that you wanted to "raise awareness of issues" by your article.

The point is that proselytizing "green" is hard in this country with its much-entitled citizenry who don't want to make any sacrifices. And writing about what seems like a stunt merely makes it harder. Making a major lifestyle change for just one month (or, arguably, for one year,) is a stunt.

Beavan, with his one-year regimen, got lots of publicity but I doubt changed anyone's mind. His actions can easily be dismissed as those of an (albeit temporary) extremist.

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