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Jun 27, 2008


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The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need!

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The credit would be equal to $4.50 per square foot of roof area that is planted with vegetation, or approximately 25 percent of the typical costs associated with the materials, labor, installation and design of the green roof.

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in a place like New York where there is always a shortage of space, its a wonderful idea to have green rooftops.they also provide a level of insulation. moreover, they do not need any irrigation.

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I've read a lot of blogs about green tips. We are currently experiencing the threat of climate change. This became the reason why we are following green tips in order to lessen carbon emission, and save our planet. Even different kinds of industries are cooperating in saving the Earth from the green house effect. That's why there are a lot of products which are eco-friendly like roofs.

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Thanks for this informative and inspiring post. It great to see at the time some incentives being offered to make more green roofs a reality. There benefits especially in urban environments cannot be questioned, unlike the resolve of world leaders to apply more green roof incentivisation schemes. One attemnpt to address this is to sign up for the petion at http://putsolaron.it/blog/petition/world/ and encourage change to happen more rapidly. Thanks again.

Brendan Gertner

I have been seeing a lot of green roofs around Vancouver, especially in our office building where they embrace the eco-friendly way. Though in our household, I am still contemplating on getting one, but currently, having a rigid roof installed by the roofers to protect us from incoming storm is our priority.

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I am researching into Green roofs and sustainable energy and just wanted to say how interesting your post is and the link above to the green roofers show some great projects. I think the additional benefits of green roofs in terms of cooling down city environments make them a no brainer and I hope that the present "difficult" economic times dont impact on the movement towards more of this type of funding.

Brendan Gertner

There are lots of eco-friendly roofs, but which of them fits our roofing needs? Well, in choosing ecologically friendly roofs, you must first take into consideration the climate in your location. But you can always call on a roofing contractor to help you in deciding for roofing that's best suited for your house.

Leeds Roofers

We are seeing huge interest in green roofing and it feels great to be involved in something that is financially so rewarding for everyone involved and preserves the planet. A real win win. We seem to have come a long way in a short time on this issue. there was a time not so long ago that anyone mentioning a green roof was told sorry they only come in red clay or grey slate! Interesting blog thanks.

Daniel Thomas

This must have been the most educational blog I have ever come across this day upon searching new discoveries in environment that could be presented to my students. This is really of great help to suffice our problem in global warming. Why not maximizing the limited spaces we have?

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