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May 05, 2007



Robert Levine is a classic Community Board type. He exists to prevent change from happening on his block. He'd rather complain about traffic congestion (on his not very congested block) rather than taking action to get rid of it. When a 77-yo lady was mowed down in the crosswalk three doors down from his house Bob and his block association were nowhere to be found. Yet now that a plan is put forward to make the street safer, Bob is out there organizing because he's worried that it'll diminish his double-parking ability. The guy is a complete and total menace to his community. And, yet, incredibly, he seems to have CB6 and a few of the local electeds by the balls.


from what i have read on streetsblog, one of the biggest complaints was that bike lanes would **restrict the opportunities to double-park**.

last i heard, double-parking is illegal... if this is an activity that some residents consider "essential" enough to block a progressive redesign of 9th street – one that would slow traffic and make the street safer for pedestrians and cyclists – these people need to re-examine their priorities.

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