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May 05, 2008



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This study is very interesting!!
We have to think whats better for our planet and our health.. aparently, red meats are bad for both!!

Eat more fish!! it's better for health and anvironment!!!

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I been a vegetarian for like 3 years now and i feel so much better my skin my body i feel the change on me although there is some times i miss certain things i wouldnt go back because i know what is the best and we have everything we need on the vegetables right there u find everything u need very good post i like it alot and thanks for sharing that information with us.

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Why is vegetarianism generally considered a diet, while veganism is considered a lifestyle?

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Well I don't think so... we should eat everything or at least the most important groups of food, but take out meat, chicken and fish from out plates ? I don't think so, that's not healthy, it's stupid.

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but take out meat, chicken and fish from out plates ? I don't think so, that's not healthy, it's stupid.

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I like the subtle wind. In spring, it steals a kiss on my cheek; in autumn, it caresses my face; in summer, it brings in cool sweet smell; in winter, it carries a crisp chilliness...

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