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Sep 10, 2008


Yessi @ Working Families Party

Hello! My name is Yessi from the Working Families Party. I tried to find an email address or contact link but could not find one. I want to let you know about a conference call today at 4pm regarding Obama on the Working Families Party line- Row "E"

Please email Franz for the phone number and access code. His Email address is fhartl@workingfamiliesparty.org

It is today at 4pm, and we would love to have you and the rest of the writers of this blog on the call.




Good Morning,

Just was curious if you heard about the Carrotmob event next Sunday in Park Slope? It is a non-profit event, where a "mob" of people shop at one store, Tarzian Hardware Store, and the store donates a bunch of its profit, 22%, to become more energy efficient.

For more information, you can go to the website - http://carrotmobnyc.com or email me back.


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