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Mar 16, 2009



Close to the bottom of the list for USA, interesting.

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Thx for sharing~~~
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Welll, we're better than Luxembourg, but then there's probably only 27 fatcat bankers living in that tiny state, and as for Portugal and Spain? That's a mystery, but maybe it's something to do with the Catalonian temperament.

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Had any doubt about these United States of America not exactly being a hotbed of cycling fervor? Here's some statistics to prove the point; cycling distances per person per year

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he Ottoman Porte still profess the greatest repugnance at the idea of an alliance, nor do I yet

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I had this website saved a while in the past but my computer crashed.


I want to be in your team, what I need to do?

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Immer, wenn der gro├če Druck der Arbeit, werden die Menschen immer lernen, heimlich aneignen faul, um das Feld Tour zu gehen, essen, grillen, wie die Nahrung, so dass die Stimmung zu entspannen, ist auch eine sehr angenehme Sache, ah....

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